Brief History

Over the past decade, the SenGupta Research Lab of Lehigh University has partnered with Bengal Engineering and Science University in Bengal, India, and Water for People in Denver, Colorado to install 200 community-based wellhead arsenic removal units in remote villages in West Bengal, India.  These systems supply nearly 200,000 villagers with arsenic-safe water. Each village manages the system through a local community-based committee and have been running successfully for several years.

In 2008, the Tagore-SenGupta Foundation was formed to introduce the technology using an innovative school-based business model. The work revealed the enormous potential for scaling a micro-franchise model that spurs entrepreneurship at the individual level, clean water access at the household level, and economic growth and global health improvement at the community level. 

Throughout this process, the technology has won countless awards (for a full list of honors and awards please visit the Technology Milestones section).

Drinkwell was established in May 2013 as a part of WIST, Inc., to capitalize on the lessons learned of the over 200 implementations and take advantage of the enormous market opportunity of providing clean drinking water to rural and peri-urban communities that lack access to affordable sources of clean drinking water.