We are transforming the global water crisis into opportunity.

Drinkwell is a market-leading water technology company operating in India and Bangladesh that is combating the arsenic, fluoride, and iron water contamination crisis. Our proprietary technology removes contaminants from water using an electricity-free process, reducing energy costs and wasted water by more than 95% versus competing technologies. Our technology has allowed companies to improve their profitability, countries to improve their environments, and families in developing nations around the world to have access to affordable and safe water for the first time.  

Within the United States, our company and technology has been recognized by the National Academy of Engineering, US Chamber of Commerce, US Department of State, and leading academic institutions as a leading innovator in the environmental technology space. Globally, our technology has been deployed across 231 systems via 17 franchises that provide over 1 million liters of safe drinking water to over 250,000 people, while creating 500 jobs with zero reported cases of arsenicosis and/or fluorosis in the areas we operate.

If you are a company, municipality, or any organization focused on improving access to clean water, please learn more about our TECHNOLOGY, our FOCUS, and our HISTORY and reach out to us here: CUSTOMERS.


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